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There are two ways to buy Nighthawk gear.

1)  You can buy Nighthawk gear anytime during the year through our online store with Logo Sportswear.  This is a third party business.  Any orders made through Logo Sportswear is entirely through them.  The Nighthawk organization controls only what products are sold.  The Nighthawk organization receives no portion of the payment nor does it control thequality of the product.  Any complaints should be made directly to Logo.  The product will be mailed to you. 

2)   During specific times throughout the year, you can also purchase products through the Nighthawks Store.  These items are created locally and will be hand delivered to you.  Payment should be made to the Warren County Nighthawks - by cash, check, credit card or Pay Pal.  Payment is not due until you receive the product.

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