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16U KC Midnight Tourney

We are able to go to the KC Midnight tourney if ENOUGH players want to.

Here is what it looks like:

Pool Play is Friday night.  First game could be as early as 7:00pm.

So, we would probably have to leave Indianola by 2pm  Friday afternoon.

We would likely play 3 games Friday into Saturday.

We would crash at a hotel or VRBO during the day on Saturday, then play Bracket play Saturday night into Sunday.

When the games get over, we would head to the hotel to sleep or to pack up and leave. 

I think the competition looks similar to what it was last time.  Not too easy, not too hard.

We have 12 people on our 16U team.
I'd like 10 or 11 players to commit before I'll sign us up.  It's going to cost a lot of money, so if we're going to go, I'd like to take everyone.

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