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Join Our Team!

     The Warren County Nighthawks is a non-profit organization in it's 12th year of existence.  We currently have a 12U, 14U, and an 18U team. 

     We are a GREAT team for the right player and family.  We are a travel ball program, but we are different than almost every other travel team out there.  We seek players and parents with good character first.  We believe our primary responsibility to players is to provide them a great environment;  we do that by making sure that the coaches, parents and players on the team are great people. 

     When we recruit players, we are looking for a "good fit".  Is the player/parent good for the team and is the team good for the player/parent.  Right now, we are accepting players ages 9-18 for our 12U, 14U and 18U teams.  And we will add players anytime throughout the year.  Another feature of our program is that we seek LONG-TERM Nighthawks.  There is not a try-out every year to rejoin the team.  However, as players age up into the next oldest team, we will assess whether they are capable of playing at that level.

     This program emphasizes team cohesiveness.  We do a lot of activities to encourage this.  Our team bus is a big part of our team spirit - we ride together to the games.  It is not a stretch to say that there isn't a team out there that has better team spirit than we do.  Many travel ball teams can be isolating experience for kids.  Some travel ball environments can even be hostile.  Our most important objective is that our players have fun and feel that they are part of a program that cares about them.  

Here are some of the activities that we do:

  • Spring and Fall retreats - before and after the season.

  • Annual trip to the Women's College World Series.

  • 14U/16U out of state softball tournament.

  • Each team will play around 35 games in the spring and 12 games in the fall.

  • After season awards ceremony and slide show.

     We have great coaches.  Presently, we have four, including one former player.  It is with great pride that we welcome back our former players to help coach.  Every year in the off season, our coaches spend time going to coaches clinics and improving our program.  Combined, we have over 35 years of youth softball experience.

     One of the best resources is to talk to someone already on the team.  They can give you the best insight as to whether it is a good fit for you.  Also, please visit our Facebook page at   If you decide that you would like to play on the team, the first step is to contact our coach, Todd Johnston.  After a short phone conversation a meeting will be set up.  This usually lasts around 90 minutes.  The player and at least one parent must attend.  (A short tryout may also be required.)  After this meeting we will jointly determine if there is a "good fit". 

     Most importantly, we want the game of softball to be accessible to ALL girls.  For that reason, we keep costs low... $150 for the Fall season and $250 for the Spring/Summer season.  And even then, we have scholarships available if needed. 

     Honestly, we are NOT the right program for everyone.  If your player wants to play softball every weekend of the year, including indoor ball in the winter, and parents are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege, we are NOT the team you are looking for.  While we are passionate about softball, we strongly believe that kids should have a life balanced with other activities.  We believe that it's important to shut down in the winter time to give players time away from softball - to help avoid burnout. 

     If this program interests you, please contact our manager/head coach - Todd Johnston.  The best way to contact him is by text/phone:  (409) 351-4610.  

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