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Women's College World Series

It is super hard to get group tickets any more for the Women's College World Series.  I am trying to do that this week.  The team will pay for Player's tickets. Any family members that wish to go will have to pay for their own.  

Our plan is to leave on Monday, June 3rd and return

on Thursday, June 6th.  Players can go by themselves, but will

need to be chaperoned.  Parents and players may ride the bus.

Please click the box below and let me know who in your family will be going.  We will be going to two games.  Tickets will cost $30 or higher.  You can pay me later, I just need to know how many to buy.  

You are also welcome to go on the trip, but not go to the games.  My wife and Trace will often go to the zoo or some 

museums.   We will have a team motel we stay at, but that 

hasn't been chosen yet.  Parents will have to pay for their own room.  

Please indicate who in your family is going and if they will need tickets for the games.

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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