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The WCWS Trip is designed to be a

"Team Trip" - where the team does

everything together.  Most of our time

in OKC will be "scheduled",

with little down time.  

Players without Parents...

  • Will be assigned rooms that cannot be changed without Coach approval.

  • Will have a "chaperone" who is their "go to" person during the trip.  Coach Todd will work with parents to assign chaperones.

  • Are expected to be on their best behavior.

  • Will be with the team during all team activities.  

  • Are only allowed to ride in the bus except in emergency situations.  

  • With medication will have their medication coordinated through Coach Deb.

  • Will have their money held by the team or their chaperone.

Families who travel on their own...

  • Should travel down with the team, but do NOT have to caravan back.

  • Will need to ride the bus for many of the team activities when in OKC.

  • Do NOT have to attend the games or the Waterpark, but their players do.


  • Team will pay for players' tickets to WCWS and Water Park, and some other meals and activities.

  • Players will be expected to bring around $110 for their own food.

  • Players should bring $20-$40 for souvenirs.

  • Non-Players will need to pay the team $40/game for WCWS games.

  • Families rooming in their own room can reimburse the team or pay directly for their own room.  

  • Player costs for team room is $40, that can be paid after the trip.


  • There will be clear rules for players while at WCWS and WaterPark.

  • There will be a "lights out-doors locked" time at night.  

There are three main goals for this trip:




All our rules and expectations are designed for the girls to have a safe, fun and team-uniting trip.  

Parents who remain at home.  

Please let us know if your player needs something during the trip.  

We want your player to have a great time!

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